Ernie's Farewell E-Mail Blast

March 28, 2018

To all of our clients, friends and colleagues:

I have greatly enjoyed the wonderful friends I’ve met over the past 32 years practicing law. As many of you know, I have always had connections in Africa where I worked prior to becoming a lawyer. Over the past few years the Lee Brenneisen Foundation,, has grown to support more than 15,000 school children, partnering to assist with clean water, solar, reforestation and much needed eco-technologies. I have concluded to semi-retire to Kenya for a while to pursue this work.   

I am pleased to announce that my partner, Mike Schwegler, with whom all of you are familiar, has created MBSLaw, PLLC,, which will go live next week. Ernest B. Williams IV, PLLC, will be transitioning its clients to this new firm and I will be going “of counsel.”  MBSLaw will continue its focus on commercial and finance law including real estate transactions, corporate law, Bankruptcy and general litigation,  

Of course you may still reach us at &, respectively: 615-372-0997, 615-372-0993 (O) and 615-812-6141 (Mike’s cell).



Michael Schwegler