Consumer Lending and Financial Regulation

Through our title company, American Realty Title, LLC, we close all manner of real estate loans, including consumer loans—generally residential mortgage loans and refinances.  As a crucial part of the American economy, these types of loans are heavily regulated by statutes such as the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and Truth In Lending Act. Our office closes such loans with TRID-compliant practices and policies, and with so much at stake for ordinary consumers (who are usually facing a mountain of stress during the process), also with no mistakes.  

Our practice also includes advice for banks, thrifts, credit unions and other lenders to ensure compliance with federal and Tennessee financial regulation statutes and rules.  Likewise, we work with lenders to make sure that their own form loan documents for consumer transactions, whether residential real estate or otherwise, comply with state and federal regulatory schemes.  As regulators increasingly require strict compliance with these consumer finance rules for everything from mortgage origination and servicing to credit cards to auto loans and debt collection, we help consumer finance lenders navigate this field to avoid future liability in the form of litigation or regulatory investigations.